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Version 1.3.0

A new release version of the PrePoMax contains the following FEM features:

  • added support for tabular amplitude creation and its application in boundary conditions and loads
  • added support for mesh deformation during slip wear step using the boundary displacement method
  • added slip wear analysis based on the Archard model
  • added slip wear material properties: material hardness and wear coefficient
  • added slip wear result field outputs: sliding distance, surface normal, wear depth, mesh deformation and a combined field created from displacements, mesh deformation and wear depth
  • added support for material import/export to .inp files
  • added support for updating nodal mesh coordinates from .inp files based on node ids
  • added support to export deformed result mesh as .inp files
  • added support for selecting the deformed variable for the mesh deformation
  • added support for file import using command line arguments
  • added support for creating a history output from a field output
  • added support for removing field outputs
  • added support for removing history outputs
  • added Tresca stress
  • added principal strains

And the following user features:

  • added material properties preview while using material library editor
  • added support for managing multiple material libraries
  • settings are first saved in a temporary file and then copied to the destination file to prevent content corruption