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Exploit the power of the CalculiX FEM solver using a modern graphical interface

PrePoMax is an open-source pre and post-processor for the Calculix FEM solver based on a modern user interface to speed up the FEM workflow.

CAD geometry support

PrePoMax allows you to import the geometry from a variety of exchangeable CAD formats and stereolithography .stl files used for 3D printing. The CAD support is based on the open-source Open Cascade platform.

Solid and shell geometry meshing

PrePoMax allows you to mesh a solid or a shell-based geometry using linear and parabolic finite elements. It also supports an import of the finite element mesh from a file. An open-source Netgen library performs the meshing. From version 2.0.0 the Gmsh mesher is integrated which supports hexahedral and pentahedral meshing.

Geometry and mesh based feature definitions

PrePoMax allows you to create node sets, element sets and surfaces needed for various FEM features based on geometry or finite element mesh selection.

Results visualization

PrePoMax allows you to visualize your results using 3D scalar fields or using a 2D plotting tool for the representation of history outputs.