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Version 0.3.0

A new release version of the PrePoMax contains the following FEM features:

  • import native mesh from the *.unv files (IDEAS), which can be created by an open-source platform Salome; only linear and parabolic solid elements supported at the moment
  • create node sets and element sets by selection on the mesh
  • create surfaces from node sets for surface loads
  • create reference points for constraints
  • create linear-elastic materials
  • create solid section properties
  • create rigid body constraints
  • create static analysis steps with support for large displacements and large rotations
  • create supports in the global coordinate system
  • create loads (concentrated force, moment, pressure, and surface traction)
  • setup and run the analysis
  • post-process the field output results (show max, min value, undeformed model …)
  • query displayed nodal values

And the following user features:

  • save and open models
  • undo and redo operations
  • rebuild the model from another mesh (first, create a model based on coarse mesh and then replace the mesh retaining all other model features)